Compliance light

Experience has shown us that security costs are always cut, but this can be very expensive in the event of an incident. Cases such as incitement to wage dumping, involvement in money laundering proceedings, contractual ties with insolvent business partners, etc. are not uncommon among our clients. In order to avoid such risks, it is necessary to act in a process-oriented manner, to obtain information about your business partner in good time and to act with foresight.

—Minimizing risks means knowing your business partner.

How can we help you here? We offer credit checks, ownership checks and sanctions lists, open source intelligence, compliance checks, etc. for companies of all sizes! We have put together two packages especially for small and medium-sized companies to keep costs low. – „Small“ and „Large“. Depending on the urgency and the package booked, the costs are between € 550,- and € 1400,- net.

If you are interested in a specific offer for this type of inspection or even more extensive investigations, please contact us at or +43216740504-1

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