Asset Recovery/Asset Tracing

Tracking and recovery of assets

Some companies repeatedly struggle with a special problem in the area of asset recovery or asset tracing. A claim against a person or organization is difficult to recover. Regardless of whether there is a debt instrument or not. Executions are also very often unsuccessful. It is not uncommon for debtors to be unimpressed by letters and reminders from a lawyer. It is not uncommon for the underlying circumstances to be cross-border. The pursuit and recovery of assets often involves considerable sums of money.

Hidden assets of debtors

There are often indications of hidden assets. However, these are often difficult to prove or enforce. Here it is necessary to search for clear evidence that can be clearly used in court.

Investigative measures on the whereabouts of assets

This is precisely where our service comes in. We use intensive investigative measures to trace the path and whereabouts of these hidden resources. This is mostly used for clients such as banks in NPL management and in the area of embezzlement and asset concealment (often in bankruptcy proceedings).

Depending on the problem, we use two different approaches:

  • Traditional investigation methods
  • Conspiratorial investigations developed by us

Practical procedure for our asset tracing investigations

We first carry out a thorough collection of facts and network analyses (OSINT). As soon as all the necessary data on the persons involved has been collected, we develop a solid plan for tracing the assets.

If successful, it will be possible to trace the whereabouts of the assets without any gaps. This can then be used to provide evidence that can be used in court.

Many years of experience ensure the success of our investigations

We can now draw on 20 years of experience in the field of tracing hidden assets. We have successfully supported our clients in more than 100 special cases. Our clients include banks, corporations, international law firms and litigation cost financiers.

Asset Recovery Asset Tracing Verfolgung und Wiederherstellung von Vermögenswerten