Divorce or adultery

Divorce or adultery due to infidelity or infidelity

Discreet information and certainty through precise reporting

We clarify the circumstances and provide you with the necessary information in report form. On the basis of this information, you can assess the long-term interests of your partner and make your decision to continue or end the relationship based on sound knowledge. If you have not prepared for this day with a prenuptial agreement, you are now faced with an almost impossible and very cost-intensive task.

Whatever your decision, it is highly recommended that you secure usable evidence in the event of a separation, even if you decide not to use the material against your partner. Secured evidence can subsequently improve your position in the event of a divorce. If evidence is accepted by the court as a reason for the breakdown of the marriage (relative grounds for divorce), this has an influence on, for example, maintenance payments, legal costs and many other things.

Detective report as decisive evidence

A detective report is usually a crucial piece of evidence on which the lawyer can build his case.

Costs for an investigation into suspected infidelity

Please note: If the detective’s fee is used as evidence and serves to convict you, it can be reclaimed not only from the unfaithful spouse, but in many cases also from their lover/lover (marital abuser).

Do you have the feeling that your partner is cheating on you?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will analyze the situation together in an initial consultation and work out a possible discreet and efficient solution. We will give you certainty.

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