Employment law investigations

Employees who damage your company are not sustainable in the long term. This must be decisively counteracted. For this reason, every company is entitled to commission an investigation by an authorized professional detective agency if there is reasonable suspicion against an employee in an employment relationship. Are you familiar with the following situations?

  • Do your employees behave in such a way during their sick leave that their recovery is delayed?
  • Is there a suspicion that your employees are not sick at all, but are using their sick leave to engage in illegal employment or other secondary employment? (continued payment of wages fraud)
  • Do you have reasonable grounds to suspect that your sales representatives are not visiting customers in person but are still charging travel expenses?
  • Are your employees perhaps selling your products on their own account?
  • Do you have serious inventory discrepancies and cannot explain why your stock levels are so low and do not correspond with the accounts?
  • Is there a suspicion of misuse of operating resources?
  • Are your employees perhaps not adhering to an existing non-competition clause?
  • Is there bullying at work, sexual harassment or various other assaults between employees in your company?

If you can answer „yes“ to any of these questions, you should take action! Employee monitoring by us can provide a remedy here. In the event of recourse, the costs can be passed on to the liable party.

We will support you in this with all the expertise we have gathered over many years. The utmost discretion is a matter of course for us.

Our services in the area of employee investigations

Our employment law investigations to uncover possible breaches of regulations for you as an employer include, among other things

    • Abuse of sick leave (continued payment of wages fraud)
    • Breach of an existing non-competition clause (non-competition clause)
    • Unauthorized secondary employment or „bungling“ by the employee
    • Stock theft and embezzlement
    • Expense claim fraud
    • Bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace
    • Applicant check

    Procedure of an internal investigation

    After summarizing the facts and information provided by the client in a briefing, we develop the investigation plan.

    We then begin the investigation to uncover any breaches of the rules. The investigation methods are varied and depend on the individual case.

    These can be

    • Investigations
    • Observations
    • Infiltration of undercover investigators

    In most cases, however, it is observation in conjunction with research that provides the evidence.

    In the field of investigations, the Sentinel Group’s investigation team sees itself as a strong partner at your side.

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