Housing and rental fraud

Attention landlords, homeowners and property managers!

We are your partner in the event of abusive transfer of apartments in accordance with §45 MRG and category interest apartments to unauthorized third parties. We have developed two products especially for landlords for this purpose.

1. project 45 Light – status survey of existing tenants and apartment users

With our Project 45 Light product, the circumstances of both existing tenants and possibly unauthorized apartment users are clarified in advance through an optimal status survey in the first step. This means that if a claim is not justified, it can be rejected at the time of application and possible violations can be averted.

The initial surveys are primarily concerned with

  • the survey of the resident/co-resident status
  • the relationship (descendants of the tenant and their descendants potentially entitled to enter) to the tenant
  • determining the actual place of residence of the descendants and their descendants
  • if necessary, additional information such as occupation, income and hidden tenancy and ownership relationships (secondary residences, main residences, other rented apartments)

2. project 45 – Ongoing monitoring to uncover suspected cases of rental abuse

In addition to the status survey, the next step in our Project 45 offer is to establish ¼ annual monitoring, in which the status of the residents/roommates or the real residences of those entitled to enter the property and the tenant themselves are continuously recorded in order to clearly and sustainably document any changes in the status recorded. This regular documentation during the existing tenancy allows most suspected cases to be clearly localized and clarified.

The facets of tenancy abuse

In a case study in which we evaluated the first 100 cases converted to this system, an abuse of approx. 10% with regard to §45 MRG could already be proven during the status survey. Most cases of rental abuse are defined as follows:

  • Tenants who already live in a completely different apartment and are making an unjustified profit from the rental property
  • Tenants whose children lay claim to the apartment even though they do not live in or near the property
  • Tenants who sublet their apartment to several people without a rental agreement and do not pay tax on the income

Procedure for detecting cases of fraud

In contrast to the common practice of ex-post verification of eligibility in the event of a claim, our approach provides for the creation and maintenance of ex-ante documentation.

In this way, we can often uncover a case of fraud before the tenancy agreement is entered into and thus avoid any lengthy proceedings. The landlord, property owner or property management company is thus spared a long and costly procedure to clarify the facts of the case and the consequential loss of rent can also be avoided in many cases.

Active prevention – act now

We can clarify all these cases for you in advance and save you unnecessary trouble and loss of money. Please contact our hotline +43 (0)2167/405-041 directly.

Data protection is important to us:

The data is used exclusively for the intended purpose in the event of a dispute by the client as evidence in court and is not available for any other purpose.

Access to the data is regulated by internal processes and fully documented, so that misuse and/or disclosure is virtually impossible.

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