Risk analysis

In-depth due diligence

What is meant by due diligence/risk analysis?

In simple terms, a due diligence review is a risk analysis. This is particularly necessary when acquiring companies, real estate or before investing in companies. This serves to determine the value of the property or company, whereby risks are weighed against each other and strengths and weaknesses are analyzed.

Due diligence measures

As part of due diligence processes and risk analyses, in-depth research using robust investigative measures is often necessary. To date, this has increasingly been the case with clients from the Anglo-Saxon world.

The procedures here can take on a wide variety of facets depending on the individual requirements and require a very high level of experience on the part of the company carrying them out.

We have also specialized in this area and offer the following methods to support you:

  1. Utilization of our networks
  2. Open/covert interviews
  3. Company and personal research
  4. Open source intelligence
  5. Observations
  6. Interaction with the people involved, under a solidly developed legend. This can be particularly useful for obtaining information.

A high degree of care, sensitivity, discretion and the selection of suitable means are crucial to the success of this measure.

Our wealth of experience from the many cases we have handled makes us a reliable and competent partner in this field.

Tiefen Due Diligence (Risikoanalyse)