Trademark infringements

Clarification of trademark infringements

When does a trademark infringement or a trademark violation occur?

Trademark law is infringed if competitors use the same sign or a „confusingly“ similar sign for their own purposes. In this case, it is a question of the distinctiveness between different trademarks.

It is often the case that competitors deliberately infringe trademark law in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Recommended procedure for the infringement of trademark rights

Finding the right access to the suspects is crucial to the investigation. To find this, undercover investigators must make contact with the target person/company using existing or yet-to-be-established networks. A legend that can be traced over several generations is essential for this.

Obtaining evidence in the event of trademark infringements

Subsequently, evidence (which can take several forms) of the trademark infringement must be provided in order to be able to enforce legal claims.

When it comes to trademark infringements that have a dimension outside Europe or even in Asia, it is important to find links to the European legal area in order to be able to use the evidence as leverage to enforce a justifiable settlement.

Many years of experience in the field of trademark infringements

In this area, we have obtained liquid evidence in many cases, sometimes with an Asian dimension, which has led to successful and acceptable settlements for the client. Our many years of experience make us a reliable partner in this field.

Aufklärung von Markenrechtsverletzungen