White-collar crime

Fraud, embezzlement and corruption offenses

White-collar crime has many facets and can often be uncovered by investigators.

What is white-collar crime?

White-collar crime includes offenses such as fraud, embezzlement and corruption. It also includes trademark infringements or product piracy and other competition law violations, balance sheet manipulation, embezzlement and much more. Nowadays, such offenses are increasingly being solved through non-official investigation proceedings. This method is intended to avoid any reputational risks resulting from media coverage. Our company also comes into play at this point in various other areas. Especially in cases where the possibilities of a lawyer have been exhausted and/or the public prosecutor’s office is not yet investigating.

Official investigations into white-collar crime are often unsuccessful

Experience from countless precedents shows that official investigations into white-collar crime very often come to nothing. Often the case to be investigated is just one of many, or only limited resources are available to solve it.

Procedure for white-collar crime investigations

Our highly trained undercover investigators observe the suspects and, if necessary, interact with them. This approach is complemented by solid IT forensics and thorough research. This includes high-quality open source intelligence for which our company has the necessary software tools and personnel at its disposal.

In many cases, these investigations move directly to the asset recovery/asset tracing stage to recover lost assets.

Wirtschaftskriminialität Betrug , Unterschlagungs und Korruptionsdelikte